You’ve booked the venue and sourced your dream vendors, and now it’s time to outline the look of your wedding you’ve dreamed about for years. Pinterest is serving you ALL of the inspiration, but now you’re getting questions about key details and wondering how in the world you’re supposed to organize your thoughts into one cohesive outline! Enter… a well thought out Vision Board. This template is very similar to what many professional wedding planners and designers will use to pitch and present key design details to their clients and creative partners, and now you have the power to craft your own! Also included is a detailed explanatory video from our own Creative Director, Mallory, outlining types of imagery to use and how to provide the best descriptive details to set you and your wedding team up for success!

What's included

  • 16 page Vision Board - Canva download
  • 13-minute explanatory video outlining Vision Board inclusions and strategies